It appears that baby carriers are fancy apparatus used by young mothers and nannies who use them as a comfortable and modern way of carrying their young ones, but some think they play more of a fashionable role than a functional role, if this is an assumption or a fact, we will find out in this article.

Baby carriers have been around for a long time, and they have specific characteristics that make them stand out anytime you see them, these characteristics range from color to comfortability and any others.

What’s new?

Baby carriers are suddenly becoming a high demand accessory that can be donned by the mother, father and elderly relative, or the caregiver. Over the years it has morphed from being a boring two-arm harness to become a stunning and durable accessory.

What are the advantages

For those who believe those baby carriers are a basic necessity, here are the few reasons they use them, or they advise that they are used by nursing mothers.

  • They are used to foster the bond between the mother and child: contrary to what a few people think, the bond between a mother and her little one does not stop after birth, one of the ways to ensure this is by using a baby carrier. Baby slings or baby carriers as they are fondly called ensure that the baby maintains proximity with the mother or father when carried.
  • They are a comfortable way of carrying the child: With baby carriers, carrying your baby is more convenient. For many years’ parents or the child’s caretaker have used them to carry the baby either on a stroll or perform very light tasks that won’t put the child in harm’s way or allow the bundle interrupts with their work.
  • They are a fashionable accessory for the fashion-conscious mother: fashion-conscious mothers are using baby carriers as a means to send a fashion statement when they go out for events or on a stroll. Interestingly, with modifications in the shapes, design, and expressions of modern baby carriers, these carriers have become shinier and trendier without losing their comfortability, quality and safety.
  • They are great for the infant’s general health: a study has shown that one of the ways a child can enhance their immunity is by breastfeeding and laying on the bosom of their parents. Most mothers use baby slings or baby carriers for that purpose as it also helps the child, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

The controversy

With hundreds of thousands of baby carriers in the market, it is no news that some designers have ignored design based on function for design based on form. What this means is that most carriers are beautiful but not durable. With many claiming that baby carriers pose a suffocation hazard for the infant. Others argue that baby carriers can cause hip dislocation because babies often have very little space to move around.

With the baby carriers that you shop on our site, you will get the best in comfort, quality, safety, and beauty. No matter the contrary opinions about baby carriers, it appears they are more of a necessity than a luxury.

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